Byron Stuut


Byron is the current President of the South Australian Special Education Principals and Leaders association and is dedicated to establishing a consistent approach of evidence based learning across SA Specialised settings. He has been a member of SA SEPLA since 2012 and became an executive member in 2015.

Byron is the Principal of Adelaide North Special School (the largest in South Australia) located in the northern suburbs. Byron is a passionate leader driven to improve the lives of students with disabilities through a rigorous education and expertise in teaching practice.

His school strives to support students with intellectually disabilities to independently manage aspects of their lives by; confidently using at least one form of communication; making choices; persevering and extending their learning; and actively engaging in physical and social development.

Byron is passionate about the works of John Hattie and his leadership style is evident in developing teacher expertise, collective school efficacy, and the importance of data to inform teaching and learning and resources to impact on outcomes.

Byron's teaching past includes students needing specialised support in both London and Australia. In London he worked in behaviour schools supporting teenagers to successfully complete High School and move into employment or further education options. He also worked for the Charity Shaftesbury Young People as an Education Officer helping children either homeless or in residential care access appropriate education pathways through advocating and a holistic service support.

He is involved in numerous stakeholder groups at state office level to support and be a voice of evidence based change.

Phone: (08) 8254 2625 Mobile: 0449 608 170 Email me