Jo Simpson

Vice President

Jo brings an international perspective to the SA SEPLA Executive having been a leader/teacher in Australia and the United Kingdom. Jo is currently Principal at Mount Barker Primary School and Disability Unit and has been in the teaching profession for 18 years.

Working within a special needs setting in a different country gives Jo experience of special education outside of South Australia which has proved beneficial for our organisation when advocating for positive change. Jo is passionate about equity and inclusion for students with disabilities.

As a member of the Executive Jo has a keen interest in Disability Units and supporting schools with mainstream students identified as having disabilities.

Jo is an optimistic thinker. Positive psychology is very important to her as a leader. Often students, families and educators are faced with significant challenges on a daily basis and Jo believes that positive psychology principles support all stakeholders involved in student development, and most importantly the students themselves.

As a member of the Executive Jo  brings an informed, positive and hopeful perspective to all discussions.

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