Helen Onaca

Executive Member

Helen is Director of Special Education at Craigmore High School

She has been on the SA SEPLA Exec Committee for the two years, bringing a perspspective of students with disabilty (SWD) in a secondary mainstream setting, as well as SWD in a disability unit on a mainstream campus. 

Helen has an extensive knowledge of the NCCD and how that works, particularly around the criteria and issues to include those students who are not verified with a disability.

As chair of the Northern Area State Secondary Schools Alliance Special Education Curriculum Area Team, Helen brings a wide perspective of the issues faced across secondary schools in the north.

She has demonstrated capacicty to work as part of a team to inprove learning outcomes for SWD, with extensive experience in Modified SACE as a senior secondary curriculum as well using the Australian Curriculum across the middle school.  

Helen is a strong advocate ensuring SWD have the right to an education which ensures they become confident citizens with meaningful post-school options and works closely with SA SEPLA and DECD to look at the funding model in disability units and continue to see this a priority for us to pursue into the future.

She is passionate about improving learning outcomes for SWD and sees her representation on SA SEPLA as an avenue to continue to look at the latest research and best practice and to share this understanding with colleagues.

Phone: 08 8254 6522 Mobile: 0407 950 880 Email me