Asepa - Attendance Data Procedures

Please take the time to read the following statement from ASEPA as Attendance Data Processes will be changing going forward.



Hi Everyone


The ASEPA Board met today and we have agreed like the National Cabinet to meet more frequently so we can have a united presence.  We are looking at ways we can support your associations so watch this space hopefully later today or tomorrow.


One of the actions we discussed was gaining an accurate picture of the attendance data from each jurisdiction over the life of COVID-19.  This data will be highly useful at the conclusion of this period to demonstrate the vital role that special school play in our society here in Australia.


We will not be able to get attendance data from departments so the only avenue is to collect it ourselves.  We are asking if you could send out this simple form to schools to get them to send us their daily numbers so we can collate.  


We are happy to have screen prints or a just a daily tally email.


Sincerely hope you can help.


In addition the Board also wanted to offer to pay for Zoom for a years subscription to any National Council or Board member who does not already have it , so you can keep in touch with your members in a timely face-to-face way.  Please send you request to and I will liaise with you to arrange.


We are so incredibly proud of everything that our sector is doing and we want you to know that we are working nationally to try and keep the pressure on to get appropriate resourcing during this time.


I would also like to acknowledge that there are only three people who are currently not working directly in or with schools at present from the Board or the National Council so in order to lighten the load of all working Principals including our President Matt Johnson all ASEPA information will come directly through a Board member.





Board Chair