History of SA SEPLA

In the early 1990s a group of Special School Principals met to share ideas and provide collegiate support.

In 1993 the Special School Principals Association (SSPA) was born led by Margot Radford, the first President. The Executive organised termly meetings at various special schools for its members and met with the Superintendent of Special Education.

The SSPA constitution was developed and SSPA became a formal association meeting with the Minister for Education, the Chief Executive of the Education Department and other Professional Associations.

In 1997 SSPA organised the first national event of like associations and a national organisation was formed … the Australian Federation of Special Education Administrators (AFSEA). In 2003 the New Zealand Association joined AFSEA.

AFSEA later became ASEPA - the Australian Special Education Principals Association

In 2014, in recognition of the changing profile of membership, SSPA became the South Australian Special Education Principals and Leaders Association (SA SEPLA).